The Cornwall Inn and Suites - A Bed and Breakfast in Central Pennsylvania

Distinctive Wedding & Event

Frequently Asked Questions


  1) Is it necessary to have a deposit?  Yes, a non-refundable deposit and a signed contract
      is required.  This deposit will then secure the date of your event.  If the host
      cancels/reschedules the function giving less than one week notice; costs incurred by the
      Cornwall Inn in loss of business, purchases, preparation and administration will be billed
      to and be the responsibility of the host.
 2)  What form of payments do you accept?  We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, and
      Discover.  All credit card payments will have a 3% additional charge added to the payment. 
      Final payment is due two weeks prior to the event.

 3)  Who do I use for Catering?  The Cornwall Inn exclusively handles the catering needs. 
      Therefore, food service may not be provided by any other caterer  (wedding  cakes
      are welcome).  The use of all china, flatware, glassware, and table linens are included in
      your catering cost.  A 20% service charge will be added to your catering cost. 

 4)  Do you have an alcohol policy?  Yes, the Cornwall Inn is a BYOB establishment.  Therefore, 
      we can not provide any alcohol.  For your convenience we offer packages that supply you with 
      the mixers you may need for your cocktails and ice for your beer.  We limit bar service to four
      hours and reserve the right to restrict service of alcohol for any reason at any time we deem
      necessary.  All shots along with any home brewed beer, wine or spirits are prohibited.  All
      alcohol must be distributed by our bartender.  A one day liability insurance policy is required
      to cover the day of your event.

 5)  What about vendors?  The selection of your DJ, photographer, florist etc. is all up to you.  We
      will gladly provide you with our "Preferred Vendor" list if you should need some help finding a
      vendor.  Vendors may arrive up to two hours prior to the event and are expected to have their
      own tools and equipment necessary for them to perform their service.

 6)  We are having an outdoor ceremony, what do we do if it rains?  "A wet knot is tighter
      than a dry knot".  If mother nature is not cooperating on the day of your wedding we will move
      the ceremony to the inside of the tent (if you are having an outdoor reception) or into the
      Harkins Ballroom (if you are having an indoor reception).  Inclement weather can be a last
      minute decision, we will do everything necessary for you to have a beautiful wedding, keeping
      in mind the safely of you, your guests, our staff and our grounds.


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