The Cornwall Inn and Suites - A Bed and Breakfast in Central Pennsylvania
The Cornwall Inn | 50 Burd Coleman Rd. P.O. Box 76 Cornwall PA 17016 | 717-306-6178

The Historic Cornwall Inn

The Historic Cornwall Inn and Suites is a 5 star rated inn located in the heart of Pennsylvania only 20 miles from its capitol, Harrisburg.  Nestled into a quaint setting near the border of Lebanon and Lancaster counties, the Cornwall Inn boasts a nostalgic feel like no other area.  Steeped in local history, the Inn now serves you in a manner that will enable your family and friends to be part of it.

The Cornwall Inn, dates back to the American Revolution.  Robert Coleman, Pennsylvania's first millionaire, built the Inn in the late 1700's.  He served as Iron Barron of our region and in fact owned the neighboring Cornwall Iron Furnace.  The Furnace was the location of the Official Ironmaster for the 13 original colonies during the time of the Revolution.  Also boasting it's place among the largest iron ore mines in the world.  That same furnace is currently open for tours.  Over the years, the Cornwall Inn has served as a U.S. Post Office, train station, general store and jailhouse for the Cornwall Iron Furnace and our surrounding community area.  The original iron trestle bridge that served America's expansion sits retired above our Inn as a beautiful and dramatic reminder of the years gone by.  For many years the Cornwall Inn sat uncared for; however, it has come alive once more with careful restorations and an acute vision for embracing its beauty, serenity, elegance and warmth.